Samsung QLED Televisions


The future of TV is finally here and it starts with Samsung QLED Televisions. This acronym refers to Quantum Dot LEDs. Using their latest quantum dot technology, Samsung is widely transforming the TV world. There are two TVs in this range: the Q8 Curved and the Q9 Flat. Both measure 65 inches. With 50% more brightness than the previous versions, this TV as a fully expanded DCI-P3 color spacing. That means more color and more detail for all of your favorite TV shows, movies, and series. In addition to this viewing technology, the QLED Television gives you convenience, too. It comes with a transparent Invisible Connection cable. Connecting to a breakout box, it gives you a stunning connection without the burden of unsightly cables. This box also features video and audio inputs and sits flush against the TV itself. Finally, finished with a super thin bezel, this TV will take you to your imagination