It is to be expected that certain stories simply don’t get the coverage they deserve Racism Still a Threat to South Africa’s Democracy, The key investment in non-racialism south Africa is an individual harmony between being selfish and selfless across all races and societies, we owe it to ourselves to engage with this issue with truthfulness regarding Your religion or race, Your race doesn’t define you we rather fight for the truth and justice then been prisoners in our own skins color with a level of ideas, attitudes,

1} How can we ever overcome racism
More than 300 years of colonialism and Years decades of apartheid can’t simply be airbrushed. Our behavior, Service to others is payment for our partake to apartheid inequality, While not rushing to blame all our ills on apartheid, the scars do run deep

2} A racism free south Africa starts with you
Talk about it, Speak out against it, And Act to stop it
Because a rainbow nation starts with you. South Africa’s Rainbow Nation title refers to the incredible diversity of its people, From the original San inhabitants of the land to the people who migrated and settled here over the years, There is hardly a nation on Earth that is not in some way represented in this diverse country