African Fashion Statement


The African Fashion scene has continued to grow tremendously over the years Lilikito is an African Fashion Statement Brand owned by Florentine Mukasa specializes in custom-made apparel for both young and old very patriotic about making an African Fashion Statement

incorporating African prints in designs, not only the print but also the bold colors from different cultures mostly central and west Africa

African Fashion Statement vision is to expand their supply chain to both local and international markets To be able to supply boutiques and stores with custom-made designs that fit their specification and target markets and also be able to give them a competitive advantage in their relevant industries.

Product and service

specialized in the design and making Women, Men and Kids apparel as well as Custom-made traditional wear, Wedding and Bridesmaids dresses Though this is their main focus,

they have a division dedicated to interior design that manufactures products such as curtains, pillows, bedding, and upholstery also offers embroidery services